Who is Donna?

This is Donna….this is me.

I could start this page by telling you I am an award winning Life Coach, an NLP Practitioner, what I did before becoming a coach etc. etc……. but what I really want to tell you is about the real me and why your life will change when you work with me.

I am somebody who is on her own journey of discovery.  I am someone who has burnt out, someone who has faced several career crossroads, someone who struggles with perfectionism and that feeling of not being good enough.  Basically, the types of challenges so many of us face every day. Why I am telling you this? Because I have faced all of these challenges (and still do) and yet I now get to do what I love to do every day and I burn bright (not out) and so can you!

During the times when I felt direction-less and I was struggling with burn out, it felt like I was the only one and everyone around me seemed to be living with ease and abundance.  Of course, I know that wasn’t really the case but what it led me to do was seek out coaching support for myself because I knew things couldn’t continue the way they were.  Fast forward to now and here I am, a successful coach and the creator of the Burn Bright Programme (click here for details).  That is the difference coaching makes.

Through my experiences over the years, I have realised that what makes me tick is being able to work with people who have reached that stage where they say ‘enough is enough’ and they want to make a change for the better, they want to move forwards instead staying stuck.  I love working with clients who come to me with that sense of – ‘something is not quite right in my world and I want to do something about it’. They want to take massive action and that’s what coaching is all about.

As your coach, I guide and support you towards making a positive difference for yourself, whether that’s deciding which direction to take at your career crossroads or making some key changes in your life which enable you to be, do and have what you want to be, do and have.

“Donna’s ability to challenge my thinking and expand my thoughts has helped me shift my focus into new and exciting areas.”

I work with clients in a variety of ways, some have bespoke 1-2-1 coaching with me (in person or via Zoom), some complete the Burn Bright Programme, some simply have a one-off ‘Where’s My Pause Button? session as they have no idea where to start (or stop for that matter!).  No matter which format they choose, all of my clients experience a huge shift in the direction they want to move in and they make a positive difference for themselves and their lives.  

Without coaching in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The question I want you to ask yourself is:

Where are you now and where could you be with coaching in your life?

So, when you are ready to make a positive difference for yourself, click on the button below to arrange a free half an hour Discovery Call and let’s take some massive action!

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I am looking forward to working with you.

Donna x