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I am exhausted with overwhelm from too many demands and I want to take back control of my career!

Is this you?

You hold a demanding role in the Legal Profession. You’re smart, you’re super motivated, you’ve got a lot to offer and you have bucket loads of ambition. Your BIGGEST need right now is to demonstrate (mostly to yourself) you have really got what it takes to be successful in the Legal arena.

You love what you do, in fact, working in the Legal Profession is a dream come true. You so badly want to climb the career ladder but right now, you are drowning under an endless ‘to do’ list. You have no time for a lunch break, let alone any SELF-DEVELOPMENT focus and you feel like you are going around in circles instead of moving onwards and upwards.

The constant demands and expectations you face result in you working incredibly long hours on a regular basis and this creates a sense of being unable to fully switch off, even at weekends. That’s because you do not know how to feel on top of things and still have TIME and FREEDOM for yourself.

There’s a lot of energy going out but you are barely surviving rather than THRIVING in your dream career. You know you can’t keep doing the same things anymore because you are exhausted and overwhelmed. If we are being completely honest, you sometimes experience self-doubt, wondering if you are really cut out to be successful in the Legal Profession.

Your primary focus needs to be on creating a strategy to take back control of your career (and your life!). It’s all about gaining clarity around where you truly want to take your career, creating a development plan and then implementing the plan CONSISTENTLY so you move forwards. At the same time, it’s important to look at where you are in your daily and weekly priorities and raise you higher up the list (you are probably not even on your list at the moment, truth be told). Then it is all about stating specific self-development goals and creating the focus and accountability you need to move you and your career past the overwhelm and burn out phase, so that you have the energy and the ability to fully enjoy what you do and be BRILLIANT at it.

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