Where’s My Pause Button?

Picture this …

If the ‘You Now’ description is, actually, you now and you want to be ‘Future You’, then it’s time to Press Your Pause Button.  Everyone has one and we all need to press it, regularly – it is absolutely vital if you want to Burn Bright, not out!

The thing is, most of us either don’t realise we have one or we forget we have one, and then it gets pushed when we least want it to.  You know, those times when you fall ill at the most inconvenient moment like – the first day of your much needed holiday!

Believe it or not, you can CHOOSE to press your pause button whenever you want to, no matter how many roles you have in life, you can press pause by choice.

“I came away feeling positive, motivated and inspired to make a change and that is exactly what I needed.”

Pressing pause helps you to be you, the real you, the best and Bright version of you.

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It only takes around 90 minutes and will be one of the best investments you have ever made in you, your health and your future.

The simple step of taking up to 90 minutes out of the busy-ness of your world (and your mind) will give you the gift of time and space.  The time and space needed to remind yourself of what is important to YOU and which direction YOU want to go in.

It is time to Burn Bright, not out!