This six month coaching programme is for high achieving individuals who want to move away from daily stress and overwhelm, towards being in control of their direction of travel in their career (and life!).

On this programme, you and I will work together (via telephone or Zoom), once every four weeks, to move you into a place of THRIVING rather than barely surviving, reducing the overwhelm you once faced and returning your stress levels back to a ‘healthy’ normal for you (because some stress is good right?).

Coaching with me enables you to completely press pause on the busyness of your life and turn down the volume of noise in your mind about all the things you are telling yourself you ‘should’ be doing. And, by doing so, you achieve much greater clarity about what is truly important to you and the direction you want to go in with regards to your life, your career/business, your future!

It is time to Burn Bright, not out!

“Donna was able to help me cut to the heart of the matter and re-frame this situation in my mind so that I now handle the situation completely differently and far more positively.”

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