Here is what your junior lawyers will experience over the course of their time with me on the Burn Bright Transformation Programme.

MBTI Profiling, consisting of:

  • An on-line questionnaire and subsequent production of a report
  • A two-hour in-person meeting to discuss the findings of the report and its implications and application for the role of a junior lawyer

A TWO-day workshop, delivered one month apart, consisting of:

  • A deep dive analysis of the key principles on how to Burn Bright (not out!)
  • A series of activities, self-reflection exercises and group discussion
  • Conscious practice assignments to complete between Day One and Day Two of the workshop

SIX months coaching support, consisting of:

  • Monthly one-to-one sessions
  • Tailored support focusing specifically on the key learnings and development actions arising from the Two-Day Workshop

One year of Mastermind Group facilitation, consisting of:

  • Quarterly meetings with fellow junior lawyers on the Burn Bright Transformation Programme to mastermind on their goals and objectives with a view to sustaining their Burn Bright approach to practising law and THRIVING in their legal career

Upon completion of the Burn Bright Platinum Transformation, your junior lawyers will fully understand how their preferences and personal tendencies show up in their day to day behaviours and actions. They will have applied their understanding of the basic principles from the Two-day workshop to create and embed their bespoke Wellbeing & Development Plan through consistent application supported by regular accountability check-ins.

In addition to all of the above, your junior lawyers will have created a community of lawyers for the future within which their ability to thrive and Burn Bright will have become their baseline culture, ensuring your Talent Pipeline is well stocked with highly resilient and high performing future Senior Partners!

Programme length: Twelve months