The Burn Bright Programme is built around three key stages that lead to increased resilience, improved assertiveness and higher confidence.

Here are the three stages you will experience through the Burn Bright Programme.

AWARENESS – focusing on what is important to you, now and in the future

CHOICE – shining a light on what could be different and what can stay the same

DECISION – creating a plan of action, including tools on how to say ‘YES’ to wellbeing & development and techniques on ensuring consistent application to make Burn Bright your norm


I work with lawyers who are absolutely passionate about self-development and progression and ending that constant feeling of going round in circles of overwhelm, not getting anywhere because they are ‘too busy’ to focus on themselves.

As someone who has felt like that myself many times in the past, I know and value the huge benefits to be gained from working with someone who shines a light on the way forward and holds me accountable in taking the actions to lead me there.

Consider the work you will do with me to be an action focused programme. It will be more than just the time we spend working together. It will be about the serious and consistent action you take in between the sessions. It will be about getting out of your own way and learning a new way of thinking with full support while you achieve your goal of THRIVING in your legal career.


The Burn Bright Programme comes in three packages.

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