The Burn Bright Programme is an action focused programme built around three key stages that lead to increased resilience, improved performance and higher morale.

Here are the three stages your junior lawyers will experience through the Burn Bright Programme.

AWARENESS focuses on what is important, now and in the futureCHOICE shines a light on what could be different and what can stay the sameDECISION creates a plan of action, including tools on how to say ‘YES’ to wellbeing & development and techniques on ensuring consistent application to make Burn Bright the norm


I work with law firms:

  • With a strong sense of ambition and wanting more for their junior lawyers – their next generation of Senior Partners!
  • Committed to making a positive and sustainable change in the areas of wellbeing and development of their junior lawyers!
  • Passionate about the self-development and career progression of their junior lawyers!

As someone who has experienced the stress and overwhelm of being a junior lawyer, I know and value the huge benefits to be gained from working for a supportive and forward-thinking organisation.

The Burn Bright Programme goes beyond merely attending workshops. Through conscious practice between workshops, your junior lawyers will embed new habits and ways of thinking to help them achieve their goal of THRIVING in their legal career at your Law Firm.


The Burn Bright Programme comes in three packages.

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