Burn Bright Mastermind Terms and Guidelines

What is the Burn Bright Mastermind?

The Burn Bright Mastermind (‘BBMM’) is a group of like-minded professionals coming together, on a regular basis, with the purpose of supporting each other with their Burn Bright goals and ambitions through advice, guidance, encouragement, understanding and accountability.

It is a supportive community where the sharing of ideas, resources, contacts is the norm. Successes are celebrated and failures are understood. This meeting of the minds creates a space where everyone is championed to reach their highest levels of success.

What does the monthly membership fee include?

  • A two hour Zoom meeting, every month (excluding August). There will be no more than 8 members in any one BBMM Pod. Each BBMM Pod will be facilitated and supported by Donna Smith, Odonnata GTC
  • 10% discount on 1-2-1 coaching with Donna Smith

My commitment to you:

  • Fulfilment of the BBMM service
  • Email support throughout your BBMM membership
  • The provision of regular content and resources in between each BBMM meeting

My expectation of you:

  • 100% attendance of the BBMM meetings
  • Commitment to undertake the activities within the BBMM meetings and in between the BBMM meetings
  • Support the development of the BBMM through feedback of your experience of it

Your Investment:

  • £15 per month

If you require any further information or would like to talk through any of the above, please contact Donna at donna@odonnatacoaching.com


The Burn Bright Mastermind:

  • Your BBMM membership commences when you make the first payment of £15
  • You can withdraw from the BBMM membership at any time

Burn Bright Mastermind Fees:

  • Monthly fees are due in advance of the monthly BBMM meeting. Failure to pay within 14 days of payment becoming due will result in cancellation of membership in the programme

Burn Bright Mastermind Withdrawal:

  • In the event of withdrawing from the BBMM, one billing period’s notice is required in writing via email or letter
  • Date of withdrawal will be the end of the relevant billing period
  • Recurring payments will be cancelled from the date of withdrawal

Burn Bright Mastermind Meetings:

  • It is expected that all members will have 100% attendance at the BBMM meetings
  • Members agree to participate in each BBMM meeting to the best of their ability
  • Members are expected to agree to and maintain confidentiality within the BBMM meetings and outside of the BBMM meetings
  • It is expected that the BBMM meetings will begin at the agreed time. If members are unavoidably delayed on their way to the BBMM meeting, please contact Donna on 07540 888203
  • Contact between sessions will be limited to email unless otherwise agreed

Personal Information:

  • Odonnata GTC will use the personal information you provide to us to:
  • Provide your Burn Bright Mastermind membership
  • Process your Burn Bright Mastermind payment(s)
  • Inform you about news, future events, offers or services from Odonnata GTC via post, email or telephone
  • We will not give your personal information to any third party and you will only receive communications from Odonnata GTC with your permission
  • Burn Bright Mastermind Members consent to Odonnata GTC representatives taking photos during the BBMM meetings to be used in our printed and online publicity, including social media and on the Odonnata GTC website


Donna Smith, Odonnata GTC, agrees to and complies with the Coaching Code of Conduct. All BBMM meetings will be confidential and only in extreme circumstances will this confidence be breached. This includes the intent to cause harm to yourself or others or criminal acts.

Miscellaneous Terms:

  • Burn Bright Mastermind members may promote their social media posts using the hashtags #burnbright and #burnbrightmastermind
  • Social media posts carrying this hashtag will be shared and retweeted as appropriate

Coaching Code of Conduct: available on request.