What others say

“Donna is an excellent coach and time spent with her has been invaluable in assisting my career development.”

Steve, Head of Contracting & Procurement

“The value of the coaching sessions has been the confidence I’ve gained in my own abilities and approach.  The nature of coaching sessions is not to offer advice, so by Donna asking particular questions and being neutral, I have found the answers for myself.  As a relatively new manager, this programme and the individual coaching has been extremely helpful in identifying my own worth.  Donna is a lovely person and I have found her so easy to work with, it has been a pleasure.”

Rosalie, Category Manager

“Donna’s ability to listen and create a safe environment has enabled me to open up and realise many things about myself.  Non-judgemental is a phrase that many coaches use to describe their attitude and I feel that Donna genuinely embodies this, rather than simply promoting the word.  She takes her energy beyond simply being disciplined and keeping opinions from the coaching space, and reveals a great ability to empathise.  Her comfort with silence and even her own vulnerability are two final traits that I appreciated in keeping our sessions spacious and allowing me the necessary room to make discoveries.”

Gabriela, Writer

“I would recommend Donna to anyone.  Her calm manner and patience were commendable and immediately put me at ease.”

Emma, Benefits Officer

“I have found my coaching sessions very helpful.  Donna has a genuinely warm and friendly personality and this helped me to feel comfortable with her as my coach.  I came into coaching not really knowing what to expect but I thought I would give it a try and there were a few career development issues I felt would be useful to discuss in the coaching environment.  I found the sessions really useful as they helped me to sort through some of my conflicting thoughts around my current job role.  Overall, it helped me appreciate where I am at present but it has given me more of an idea and plan of what I want my future career to look like.  All in all, a really positive experience and I would do this again when I am feeling stuck with an issue.”

Natasha, Psychotherapist

“I found Donna to be extremely easy to work with, knowledgeable and understanding.  She somehow managed to open up a lot of areas and avenues I wouldn’t normally have recognised or talked about in order to steer me in the direction I needed to be going.  She coached me through sticking points and tricky areas I found along the way to achieving my goal to the point of solutions enabling me to move on and progress.”

Justin, Personal Trainer