Ronnie and I used to work for the same organisation so I understood her world and she knew what I had gone on to do with setting up my own coaching business. Consequently, she came to me at a time when things had basically all got too much and she decided to put herself on the Burn Bright Programme in order to take back control of her direction of travel in work and life.

Here is what Ronnie had to say about her Burn Bright Programme experience.

“The ‘Donna Smith’ effect has changed my life to what is now unrecognisable from when I first started on the Burn Bright Programme!

I joined the Burn Bright Programme because I was having a lot of challenges – work/life/home/health. These were all having an accumulative effect on me, leaving me mentally exhausted and emotionally scarred. I wasn’t bouncing back. I was struggling.

I now see my challenges, not as weaknesses, but as ‘aha’ moments of ‘I can actually do something here. This is somethings I can actually deal with!’

I now have tools and techniques that help me make sure that I am coping with the challenges that come my way. I have confidence in myself to make the changes that I need to make. I am not burning out!”