John has been a client of mine for over two years now. He first came to me when he was working full time and in the process of starting his own business. He kept coming up against walls and obstacles and couldn’t get past them. He didn’t know what to do so he decided to have some coaching and attend the Burn Bright Programme.

Here is what John had to say about his journey with me so far.

Coaching with Donna has been absolutely life changing. It has had a huge, positive impact on my life.

I started with what seemed like insurmountable problems and 60 minutes later, Donna has helped me to solve my own problems.

At the end of the session, I am absolutely bursting with enthusiasm, passion and drive toactually get on and move past the obstacles I had.

The workshops exceeded my expectations every single time. They are full of life changing revelations that are hugely impactful.

Learning about the importance of setting or anchoring habits into my daily routine. Also learning that it is necessary to set or anchor all developmental changes into the daily routine in order to become the new version of me and reach my growth and transformational potential.

Donna, you are the most amazing life coach and most incredible person I have had the fortune to encounter on my growth and transformation journey. I cannot foresee a time where I won’t have regular coaching/workshops with you!”