Aaron came to the Burn Bright Programme on the recommendation of someone who had previously been on it. He had been facing some challenges around career and life direction over the previous year and came to me with a sense of ‘something had to change’.

Here is what Aaron had to say about his experience of the Burn BrightProgramme.

“A very big thank you! I am already seeing big changes. My morning gratitude that I do every day as a result of the Burn Bright Programme? This morning, it is you Donna Smith, it is you!

Just three weeks after completing the BBP, I am already starting to see big changes in myself and my world. I have a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend, I am doing really well with my exams and friends who I had previously lost contact with have recently reached out after three years.

The teaching on awareness has had the biggest impact on me whilst the Burn Bright Bank Account was the most interesting as combining both has allowed me to see my thoughts impact.

The workshops far exceeded my expectations. I expected to have all the tools but not feel any different however I already feel slightly better before fully putting this new Burn Bright mentality into actions.”