Imagine for a moment what it would be like to take back control of your direction of travel with your legal career…. To be able to take your wellbeing and development as seriously as you take the law…. Ending that constant feeling of going around in circles, never actually getting anywhere… Moving from burnout to BURN BRIGHT!

There are 6 key principles of how to do just that.  How to break the cycle of burnout in your legal career.

One of those principles is all about choosing your deposits and withdrawals wisely.  The easiest way to think about this is to picture a balance sheet of deposits and withdrawals.  Only, instead of those deposits and withdrawals being monetary, they are energy.  Your energy.

Every day you are experiencing deposits of energy into your Burn Bright Bank Account and withdrawals of energy out of your Burn Bright Bank Account.  And like any typical bank account, if there are too many withdrawals, you end up overdrawn!  Or in other words, burnt out!

As humans, we are hard wired to notice the withdrawals more than the deposits.  As such, we end up creating double withdrawals.  For example, the feedback you get on a piece of work from your supervisor is less than helpful, in fact it’s super scathing = withdrawal.  You then spend the rest of the day going over the event in your mind = double withdrawal.

The deposits also work in the same way (thank goodness!) in that you can create double deposits on a daily basis.  What’s more, they don’t have to be BIG things to create BIG results.  For example, getting a hug from a loved one = deposit.  Remembering the feeling of that hug whilst you are on your way to work = double deposit.  Enjoying a delicious cup of your favourite coffee whilst catching up with a good friend = double deposit. You get the idea.

What if, for the next few days, you consciously chose to pay attention to your deposits more?  You mentally made a note of (or even better, wrote down) those little things that happened during the day that made you smile, that lifted you, that simply made you feel good in that moment?  (Hint – the very act of reflecting on your deposits each day creates double deposits!).

You might be reading this and thinking ‘seriously Donna, you expect me to believe this is going to help me to Burn Bright (not out!)??’  Yes, I am, because I know from my own personal experience and from that of my clients that this one small change each day can create a really positive shift.

You can do it!

Burn Bright Wishes!

Donna x