Welcome to the BURN BRIGHT Masterclass Series

There is a reason why you are here…

You want to prioritise yourself EVEN when you are busy

You want to maintain focus ESPECIALLY on the tough days

You want to have a balanced life AND feel like a credible, highly competent lawyer

To help you with these challenges, check out the Masterclass topics below…

How to break the cycle of Burnout

Join me as I take you through six BURN BRIGHT principles on how to burn bright (not out!) with tools and techniques you can start using straight away.

Burn Brighter than your imposter syndrome

Allow me to share three immediately applicable tools for managing that voice in your head tellling you that you aren’t good enough.

burn brighter than your self-sabotaging barriers

Let’s work through three self-sabotaging barriers which get in the way of being a successful lawyer and learn how to overcome them.

Lawyers, just like you, have been amazed at the positive changes they have been able to make with my dedicated support and guidance.

Donna Headshot

Have we met?

Hi, I’m Donna Smith.

I know how challenging it is to be a lawyer. I was one!

I understand how hard it is to meet the increasingly high expectations and demands of clients, supervisors and partners, especially when it feels like you are the only one struggling with this, doubting yourself and not knowing who to ask for help.

It is my mission to make BURN BRIGHT the norm in the legal profession.

It’s time to BURN BRIGHT (not out!)