The Burn Bright Activation Programme is a self-paced online course, consisting of:

  • A portfolio of modules, based on the key principles of how to Burn Bright (not out!)
  • A range of activities, models and self-reflection exercises
  • Conscious practice assignments to complete between each of the Modules

On this Programme you will:

  • Raise your awareness of where you are now and where you want to be by finding AND pressing your pause button on the busy-ness of your life.
  • Gain clarity on what is important to YOU right now rather than what others tell you is important.
  • Explore the choices available to you in order to be and do things differently.
  • Discover who you really are when you Burn Bright and how being like that more often is totally within your grasp.
  • Decide to say ‘Yes’ to your self-care more often and ‘No’ to demands from others.
  • Adopt the Magic Penny Principle by taking action every day and make Burn Bright your new Norm.
  • Learn the essential self-care skills they don’t teach you on the PSC/SQE

By the end of this Programme, you will have a sound understanding of the basic Burn Bright principles and how to apply them to your daily routine.

Programme Length: Self-paced