Join hundreds of lawyers who have chosen to BURN BRIGHT (not out!) in their legal career

There is a reason why you are here…

You want to prioritise yourself EVEN when you are busy

You want to maintain focus ESPECIALLY on the tough days

You want to have a balanced life AND feel like a credible, highly competent lawyer

This is THE programme you need to BURN BRIGHT!

What if you could…


Understand your burnout

  • how it happens, signs to look out for and immediate steps to take

Implement daily wellbeing practices

  • stop ‘talking’ about what you need to change and actually make the change you need

Be your No.1 priority

  • guilt free whilst still being a team player and adding value in your role


and breathe

“It really is a life changing programme!”  Scott Walker, Solicitor

The BURN BRIGHT Activation Programme

The Burn Bright is a self-paced, online programme that guides you through my process of breaking the cycle of burnout in your legal career so that you can THRIVE and focus on being the best lawyer you can be.

No more


No more

feeling stuck!

No more


What you’ll learn on the Burn Bright Activation Prorgamme…

This is my proven system which will help you move from burnout to BURN BRIGHT so you can be at your best more of the time.

Begin with the end in mind

Increase your awareness of where you are now and where you want to be.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of your transformation

Get super clear on what is important to you right now.

Choose your deposits wisely

Deepen your understanding of the choices available for you to be and do things differently.

Be proactive in what you focus on

Discover who you really are when you BURN BRIGHT and how to be like that more.

'No' is a complete sentence

Learn how to say YES to your wellbeing and development every day.

Adopt the 'Magic Penny' approach

Develop positive habits to ensure that BURN BRIGHT becomes your norm.

Life-changing tools, techniques and processes PLUS support and guidance to ensure your success…

Create a BURN BRIGHT way of life…

Here’s what you’ll achieve on the

Burn Bright Activation Programme…

A more balanced lifestyle where you are your No.1 priority

Stress levels at a 'healthy' normal for you

A consistent feeling of being more on top of things

More time and freedom for your wellbeing and development

This is for you if…

Your life and legal career feel like all work and no play.

You say yes to everyone else’s demands – clients, supervisors, partners, family – and your needs hardly ever get a look in.

You are conditioned to believe the only way to be a successful lawyer is to work hard, work long hours and never switch off.

You know something needs to change but you don’t know where to start.

You didn't come this far to only come this far

Break the cycle of burnout and get YOU on your priority list!

The BURN BRIGHT Activation Programme

The programme to move you from burnout to Burn Bright

Sign up for as little as £32 per month


It’s time to BURN BRIGHT (not out!)

Your Investment

This is about creating a more balanced lifestyle so you can be your No.1 priority.

It’s about reducing the overwhelm and stabilising your stress levels at a ‘healthy’ normal for you.

It’s about experiencing more time and freedom to focus on your wellbeing and development as a lawyer.

This is a lifelong investment in YOU and your BURN BRIGHT journey!


When does the Burn Bright Activation Programme start?

You can start the online modules straight away when you receive the link upon registration.  

What happens when I sign up?

As soon as you sign up to the Burn Bright Activation Programme, you will receive a link to the online course. If you don’t see it immediately, please check your spam folder.  If it still hasn’t come through, please email me at and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

How much time does it take?

The modules are self-paced and designed to be implemented as you go.  I would recommend setting aside 1 hour per week as a starting point.

How long do I have access to the module content?

You will have lifetime access to the Burn Bright Activation Programme and any updates so you can repeat the modules as many times as you wish.

What is your refund policy?

You may cancel your contract within 14 days of the date of your registration as per the Terms and Conditions.