The F-Word!

No, I don’t mean the actual ‘F-word’ (although it does make a cheeky appearance later on!).

I mean FEAR.

We all have it.  In fact, we all have many variations of it linked to many things.  The question is:

  • do you let it control you?


  • do you control it?

One of the things I have yet to work out is whether my biggest fear is one of failure or one of success.  The jury is still out.

One thing I know for sure is that, recently, my fear of failure/success has had the upper hand on who is controlling who.  And it is not sitting well with me.

Earlier this week whilst out running, I was listening to a fabulous book by Marie Forleo called ‘Everything is Figureoutable’.  I am only half way through but I would highly recommend it.

In one of the chapters, she talks about fear and what she said resonated so powerfully with me.

Fear is often described as False Evidence Appearing Real. Makes sense in many ways, doesn’t it? However, Marie gave a couple of alternative versions to try on and I LOVE them!  I hope you do too.

(Spoiler alert – the real F-word is coming up!)

The first version she shared was that Fear stands for Fuck Everything And Run!

Oh boy, have there been moments when I have felt like doing exactly that since launching my business just over two years ago!  It is hard being a solo-preneur.  So yes, several times I have considered throwing the towel in and getting a ‘proper job’ with a regular income.

And yet, I haven’t (thank goodness!).

What I have been doing (but didn’t realise) is the second version of Fear that Marie shares.  The one that says Face Everything And Rise!

Isn’t that so empowering!

Granted, over the last few days, I have been hiding from some things I need to face and I certainly haven’t felt much like rising.  But when Marie shared that second version of fear, something inside me said YES!  I can do that!  I have been doing it and I will continue to do it!  My fear will NOT control me!

Sure, there will be blips in the road like this last week or so, when maybe I’ll only face a handful of things rather than EVERYTHING!  And sometimes, I may only rise to a seated position rather than a full-blown power pose (not literally but you get what I mean). 

And that is okay.  

What matters is I am still facing things and I am still rising, no matter how little, each and every day.  What matters is that I am doing what it takes to control my fear of failure/success rather than have it control me!  Hence this blog right now.  This is me facing my fear and rising.

What fear do you have that is getting in the way of you thriving in your career or business?  

What is making you want to Fuck Everything And Run?

Imagine, what would it be like to Face Everything And Rise?  

I know you can.

Wishing you a FEAR filled weekend… and you know which version I mean 😉

Donna x

Photo by Ursula Kelly @studiosoftboxuk

1 thought on “The F-Word!”

  1. What a great post! My FEAR (face everything and rise) has me finishing up my ‘job’ on Thursday to go all in on my business. I am rising up to focus on myself and the beautiful souls that I work with and the future ones I’m yet to meet.


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