Clear out the CRAP!

I did something this week that I have been wanting to do for two years!

I secured the services of a Professional De-clutterer and Organiser (  Yep, there is such a thing and, in my view, everyone needs one!

The project for the session was my office.

Now, I do love my office but the thing is, it just had too much stuff in it.  Consequently, it felt cluttered (understatement!) and claustrophobic and, quite simply, awful!

Given that this is where I spend the majority of my days when I am working on and in my business, you can imagine the negative impact of that cluttered environment on my energy, my ability to focus and be creative.

Having finally done it, I could absolutely kick myself for waiting so long.  The results have been transformational and life changing – seriously! 


There is a place for everything (almost, I have homework to do!), my drawers are organised, my files are easily accessible, my award has pride of place where I can see it, my desk has space to work at.  It is BLISS!

Since the de-cluttering session, I have noticed a shift in my energy, a feeling of joy when I walk into the room and a sense of relief knowing that I know where to find things when I need them.

Imagine if you could do this in your mind!

You know, clear out all the rubbish beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you.  File away the useful ones so you can find them in a split second when you need to. Have space to let new thoughts / ideas / beliefs take hold that better serve you for where you are now and, more importantly, where you want to be.

Guess what?  You can!

There are countless tools and techniques out there that you can access for free to help work on creating a more positive and resourceful mindset. Webinars, books, online courses, TED talks, etc. etc. etc.

I am not telling you anything you don’t already know, am I?

So, why aren’t you doing it?

I’ll tell you why.  

It is the same reason why I didn’t de-clutter my office myself and consequently ‘tolerated’ being in that cluttered and claustrophobic environment for two years.  I needed help to get out of my own way.  I couldn’t do it alone.

Just the thought of tackling the piles of paperwork, files and books on my own, knowing I would mither over what to keep ‘just in case’ and what to throw away would have me stuck before I had even started.  So, I never really started.  

Sure, I’d have the occasional tidy round, simply to be able to tick a box on my to do list – admin done!  But it was never enough and certainly never sustainable.  Within a week, the stacks of books and paperwork would start mounting again because all the storage space in the office was full of stuff already.

This is what we tend to do when we decide to work on our mindset and beliefs.  We read a book or listen to a podcast and then we do the suggested actions for a little while, telling ourselves that we are taking care of our mental wellbeing. But it is not enough, because our old habits and thoughts are strong, so before long, we revert back to the old but known ways of being.

To get out of my own way, I needed someone with fresh eyes, totally disconnected from the items in my office, to gently yet firmly challenge me on why it was in there in the first place.  Was it useful to me now?  When was the last time I used it?  

To clear out the crap in your mind so that you burn bright, not out, so that you thrive not just survive, you need to get out of your own way and get help with doing it.  

A coach, a mentor, a therapist, whatever format best suits where you are now and where you want to be.  

They will provide you with that support, that gentle but firm accountability focus that will keep you going when the old habits and thoughts want to drag you back again.

Like I said, I wish so much that I had had my de-cluttering experience two years ago instead of putting it off because I was too busy or I couldn’t afford it.  If I had, I would have been experiencing these wonderful feelings of joy and relief for the last two years instead of the feelings of stress and anxiety that were triggered every time I walked into my cluttered office.

If you have a sense that you need to clear out the crap in your mind (or in your office for that matter), then stop ‘tolerating’ it and act today! Book a session with a coach, mentor, or therapist.  You are worth it!

Have a super weekend.

Donna x

Photo by Ursula Kelly @studiosoftboxuk

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