The Power of Silence


Sit quietly for a moment and listen to the silence around you.

Where does your mind go?

What are you thinking?

How are you feeling?

Are you doing this right now?  

I hope so, because sitting in silence, even just for a few seconds, is so beneficial to you on many levels.  One of which is the increased ability to reframe what is going on in your mind.

Let me explain.

I had to sit in silence for a bit this morning.  My mind was racing and I was powering through my ‘to do’ list, wondering what to focus on next, all the while with a couple of nagging thoughts buzzing around in my head.

I won’t tell you what they were as that is not relevant to what I want to speak about today.  The point is that I have been having these thoughts for a while and today, I realised I was trying to ignore them by keeping busy and focusing on other things. Basically, I was going all ‘emu’ and putting my head in the sand.

Eventually the ‘noise’ of these thoughts got too much and so I just sat back, looked out of the window, in silence and allowed the niggling thoughts to have the floor of my mind.

As I sat there, feeling all the negative feelings the thoughts were creating inside of me, I was reminded of a recent coaching session with a client.  During the session, we explored a thought they were having about a particular situation and I asked the client – what else could it [the situation] mean?  

At the time my client went quiet, like, really quiet!  I could sense my question being churned over in the wheels of their mind.  Then, all of a sudden, they came out with an alternative thought that surprised both of us completely.

In the silence, they had realised they had been choosing to think about the situation in a particular way.  A particularly negative way, as it happens.  Hence why they were feeling so crappy about the situation (and themselves!).  So, they decided to choose a more positive thought about the situation which, unsurprisingly, reframed the situation completely, not to mention how they viewed themselves!

As I sat in my silence this morning, with my niggling thoughts and the memory of my client’s recent turn around, I asked myself the question – what else could this mean?


More silence.

The sound of a car driving down the road.

And then, it came to me.  A completely different perspective on the situation that had been causing my niggling thoughts.  And that different perspective was such an empowering and positive one, I can tell you!

So, I wonder.  

The power of silence.  

Do you harness it regularly?  Do you harness it at all?  

Or, like me, do you tend to hide from it in case you don’t like what comes up for you?

I chose to sit in silence today and boy am I glad I did.  It got me out of my own head and out of the negative spin cycle that was going on.  By sitting in silence and really shining a light on what I was thinking, I was able to reframe something that had been bothering me for ages.  

Outcome = a clearer mind, a more positive outlook going forwards and an increased love for silence.

Give it a try.  See what comes up for you.

Have a great weekend.

Donna x

Photo by Ursula Kelly @StudioSoftboxUK

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