Awareness is key… and so is acceptance!

Whenever I start working with a new client, one of the key concepts I cover with them is how their journey of growth and transformation starts with awareness.  If they are not aware of what is going on for them, then they cannot make any changes. 

This has been quite topical for me personally this week as I have been looking at it from a different and, dare I say it, deeper perspective.  I am still firmly of the view awareness is key and now I have come to realise that so is acceptance.  By that, I mean if we accept what we become aware of, it can actually make it easier to move forward.

Let me give you an example to bring this to life.  

It is the summer holidays here in the UK and I have a six-year-old daughter.  I love to be with her when she is off school.  It was one of the reasons I became an entrepreneur in the first place, to have the flexibility to be with my family during school holidays.  However, I am learning, as I start to approach the end of my second year as a business owner, that it is very hard to switch off from running your own business. It is not like when you are employed and you go on annual leave, leaving your work behind you for a week or two (or at least I hope you do!).  Truth be told, my business is in my head all of the time plus I run it from my home office so it is always there physically as well as mentally.  

What I have become of aware of this week – the first week of the summer holidays – is that I feel like I have got a foot in both camps but I am not fully present in either of them.  So, when I am spending time with my daughter, my head is thinking of things I want and need to do in the business.  When I am spending time in the business, I am thinking about my daughter and how I feel guilty for working on the business when she is off school.  Does this resonate with you?

Since become aware of this ‘predicament’,  I have been battling against it, trying to work out the best thing to do i.e. do I just need to decide to pause the business for the summer holidays or do I need to decide that, as I am a business owner now, I cannot switch off for five weeks as it is important to keep the momentum going that I have built up?

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my cousin about this, the ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ I have got going on in my mind and that I didn’t know what to do for the best.  As we were talking, she asked me why I didn’t simply accept that it is what it is? That I am off with my daughter, spending time with her plus I am running my business as well.  And that is okay, isn’t it?  

“Why not accept that you do have a foot in both camps and isn’t it great that you can?”

Wow!  How different would we feel if we learned how to accept situations as they are and just lean into them, rather than try to push them away or change them or fix them?  Something to think about, for sure!

I am considering adding this additional perspective to what I work on with my clients so that the starting point for their development journey becomes both awareness and acceptance.

It strikes me that we can (and often do!) spend an awful lot of time and energy and headspace fighting against the truth of a given situation we are currently facing.  For example, the truth of my current situation is that my daughter is off school and I have the freedom and flexibility to spend time with her AND I also run my own business which is something I enjoy working on every day because I love it.  The decision I have come to is that I am simply going to accept that is the truth rather than try and force myself to pick one over the other.  It isn’t an either/or for me in this case.  It is both, and that is okay.

So, have a think about this concept of ‘awareness and acceptance’ and let me know what comes up for you.   What things have you been aware of lately that maybe you have been battling against or frustrated with or challenged by?  Have a go at adding on the acceptance perspective and see what difference it makes to the situation for you, in terms of what you think about it, how you feel and the actions you then take.  

If you would like to explore this with me in more detail, click here and let’s talk!

Have a super weekend and remember… it is time to Burn Bright, not out!

See you soon,

Donna x

Photo by Ursula Kelly @studiosoftboxuk

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