Energy flows where attention goes!

On Thursday evening, I spent some time with a wonderful friend of mine and we ended up talking about the concept that ‘energy flows where attention goes.’  It’s not a new topic to us, we are both interested in the Law of Attraction and spirituality so it’s a common theme when we get together.

However, I had an experience yesterday that really brought this concept alive for me and I would like to share that with you here.  Yesterday morning I went to a networking event which I had not been to before.   It was very much an unknown to me in terms of the format, types of businesses that would be represented there etc.

The event itself was useful and insightful.  I met some new people, saw some familiar faces and made plans for several coffee catch ups after the summer break.  All in all, a positive experience and it is likely I will go again in the future.  

However, at the end of the event there was time for informal networking and I suddenly noticed a strong energy of needing to get out of there. I did not feel at my best and I didn’t want to put on a pretend front.  So, I did the sensible thing, said my goodbyes and left.  

When I got in my car, I felt a really low, almost reclusive, closing in type of energy which I did not understand as it literally came from nowhere.  As I started to ponder and question – ‘What is all this?  What is going on?  Why am I feeling like this?’ – the conversation with my friend on Thursday came to mind:

Energy flows where attention goes!

This did not bode well for the rest of the day as it was only quarter past ten in the morning.  I had practically the whole day ahead of me still and this was the state I was in!

This would not do, so I tried a ‘change of state’ activity from Tony Robbins’ work which I was reminded of by a fabulous lady earlier this week (thank you Barbara Armstrong OBE from ).  It involves changing your physiology, your focus, your language or a combination of all of the above, ideally all three!  

Now remember, at this point I am still in my car therefore I couldn’t change my physiology much because I was in charge of a moving vehicle so I concentrated on my breathing instead.  Breathing in for a count of five and then out for a count of five, five times.  I tell you what, even if you do nothing else, have a go at this.  If you are feeling in a state that you are not happy about i.e. anxious, frustrated, confused, take a moment to do this breathing activity because it really works.  

Then, I changed my focus.  Rather than focus on the reclusive, closed in feelings, I focused on the fact that the traffic light in front of me had turned red, there was a grey car next to me, the person on a bike across the road was on a blue bike. I simply got out of my own head and focused on exactly what was in front of me, the specific, tangible objects. My energy really started to shift then through the combination of the breathing and the change of focus.  I didn’t feel so closed in on myself.

The final thing to change was my language.  Instead of saying to myself: 

  • ‘I feel a really low energy’
  • ‘I feel like I need to hide away’

I started saying:

  • ‘I am grateful that I get to go to these networking events across the region’
  • ‘I am grateful that there is a local breakfast club I can take my daughter to when I need to start my day earlier’
  • ‘I am grateful that I get to choose what I do every day because I am an entrepreneur and run my own business’
  • ‘I am grateful that it is Friday which means I get to spend some quality time with my husband and daughter over the weekend yey!’  

The end result was that I got home in a much better and more open state than I was in when I got in my car after the networking event.  Now, ordinarily I would have pressed pause on the activity there and off I’d go, getting on with my to do list for the day.  Yesterday however, I did something different and took it to another level.  

I asked myself ‘what do you need most of all right now to help you be at your best for the rest of the day?’  The answer I received (remember I am into all that woo woo spiritual stuff!)  was ‘you need to eat and then chill out for a little bit.’  So that is what I did!  I had an early lunch and watched an episode of my current boxset of choice on Netflix (‘Dead to Me’ in case you are interested).  

After taking that hour to simply be, I went up to my office and nailed the marketing goals I had set for this week. So much so that when it came to downing tools to fetch my daughter from school, my energy was unrecognisable from the morning!  It was on a much higher vibration.  Not in a bouncy Tigger type way, more of a calm, accepting, peaceful energy and I felt delighted with myself.

There are two reasons why I am sharing this with you:

1 – by taking the steps to change my state and then checking in with myself on what I needed to do next to be at my best, it enabled me to be fully present with my daughter after picking her up from school.  We had a wonderful evening doing colouring, puzzles, making friendship bracelets.  I was definitely at my best for her yesterday evening.  It was lovely and absolutely priceless!   

2 – yesterday morning when I left the networking event, feeling that really closed off reclusive energy, I had a choice.  I could have chosen to accept that was just my energy yesterday.  I was having an off day, we all have them don’t we.  I was tired due to the early start, I was in an unknown environment, both valid reasons for feeling a bit off kilter.  So, I could have chosen to stay in that state and gone through the rest of my day with that negative energy surrounding me.  

Which door would you choose?

But I didn’t.  I had a go at changing my state by changing:

  • my physiology
  • my focus, and 
  • my language 

As a result, I had such a great day yesterday considering it was a bit of a rocky internal start for me.  

So, my encouragement to you, as you enjoy the rest of your weekend, is to watch your state and notice your energy levels.  Are they low or high?  Are they negative or positive?  Be aware of the choice that is always available to you:

  • to stay in a less than positive energy, or 
  • to do something different and change your state

Try it, you will be amazed what happens!

I wish you all a fabulous rest of the weekend and remember… it is time to Burn Bright, not out!

Donna x

P.S. If you would like some help with changing your state, click here and let’s talk.

photo by Ursula Kelly @studiosoftboxuk

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