The Universe knows best….

Last night, I had a rather lovely (albeit slightly frustrating at first!) sign that actually, the Universe knows best!    I was feeling a little under the weather with a summer cold that is doing the rounds and, feeling a bit sorry for myself, I went out into my front garden to water my plants.  

Now, I have got a hosepipe, as you do, and so this task is normally a two-minute job.  I water the plants, I get it done quickly and I feel chuffed with myself for taking care of the garden.  Then I get back inside and I sit in front of the television for some Friday night viewing.  

My broken hosepipe!

But last night, the Universe had other ideas.   My hosepipe broke and so I couldn’t water my garden in the usual way.  I had to revert to filling the watering can up from the outdoor tap in the back garden and walking out to the front garden, water part of the garden then back to the outdoor tap in the back garden, filling the watering can up, back out to the front garden and so on and so on.  I clocked up the best part of 2000 steps just watering my front garden!

Something that would ordinarily take me five to ten minutes at the most took me around 45 minutes.  Now initially, to be honest with you, I was a bit narky, particularly as I was not feeling very well last night.  I was literally thinking ‘oh my gosh, this was supposed to be a quick job!  I just want to get it done and sit down!’  However, because I had to take my time, and walk backwards and forwards several times and actually pay attention to my garden, I saw so much!  I saw the beauty of the flowers that are growing in my garden. I noticed the plants that needed some attention and some tender loving care.  And I ended up having the most wonderful forty-five minutes.  

I wanted to share this experience with you as it is a brilliant illustration of what your Burn Bright journey is like.  We get stressed, we get run down, we burnout and we want to fix ourselves immediately.  And if it doesn’t happen immediately, we get even more stressed and overwhelmed because it doesn’t happen as fast as we want it to.  

Last night’s example of the hosepipe saga – the fact that I couldn’t water my garden in five minutes and that it took me 45 minutes instead – is exactly the same as what happens on our burn bright journeys.  We don’t burn out overnight so why do we expect to be able to burn bright overnight? It takes more than a good night of sleep to recover from burnout.  

It takes time, it takes patience, it takes some to-ing and fro-ing and it involves pausing and looking at what is right in front of you and seeing the beauty that is there, which is so often overlooked due to all the busyness and plate spinning we do every day!

Last night, I went around all of my flowers and did what they call ‘dead heading’ which is a bit of a harsh phrase but it is true.  I got rid of all the dead flower heads to make way for the new growth.  And I believe that’s what we have to do on our Burn Bright journey.  We need to take the time to press pause and get rid of the stuff that isn’t working anymore and make way for the new stuff that we want to grow and develop.

Last night was too much of an opportunity not to share with you, with a wry smile to myself of course that yeah, I know I only wanted it to take five minutes so I could go and sit on my sofa with my glass of wine, because it was Friday after all.  And yet, the Universe knew best.  The universe got me out in the fresh air for the best part of 45 minutes, it got me to take notice of the beautiful growth that was all around me and it gave me the space and time to clear away all the dead stuff to make way for the new stuff.

I am grateful to know that the Universe knows best and that last night it helped me to get out of my own way!

Have a super weekend everyone and remember, it is time to Burn Bright, not out!

Donna x

Photo by Ursula Kelly @studiosoftboxuk

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