Walking my talk

I want to tell you about how I quite literally walked my talk yesterday as part of my learning how to press pause when I don’t need to, so I don’t have to press pause when I don’t want to.

This all came about as, over the last few weeks I have been very busy and active on the marketing and networking front for my business.  I’ve made some changes and I have a clearer focus on what I am doing so there is loads and loads and loads of exciting things going on!  Consequently, I want to and I am keen to keep the momentum going and just be on it all of the time because I am so excited.  

On Thursday of this week, my day looked like this.  I delivered a half day workshop on ‘Burn Bright in Business’ then came home, did the follow ups, did the emails, did a couple of other work bits, and then I went back out to the Launch Event of a Coaching Network that I am on a Steering Committee for.  So, to say it was a full day is an understatement and I got home around quarter past ten in the evening, having left the house at 7:45am that morning. 

I was due to go to a networking event the following morning and, feeling very tired yet wired, I was in that place of ‘I must go to the networking event tomorrow, I could meet a new client, I could meet a new referral lead, it is all about showing up, it is all about raising your profile….’ and on and on.   Then another voice in my head (yes, I have more than one!) said: 

“You know what?  You have been really busy lately D and without you there is no business so unless you slow down a little bit and have a little bit of a rest and recharge, make some deposits in your Burn Bright Bank account, I am not sure you can sustain this pace forever.  In fact, we know you can’t!”

And so, I made the decision not to go.  When I woke up yesterday morning, I cannot tell you how grateful I felt to have pressed the pause button when I wanted to.   Knowing that I didn’t have to get up, rush out and get across town to a networking event, which would have meant not being able to take my daughter to school, just felt brilliant, especially as I had hardly seen her the day before!

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

What was interesting though was that I felt drawn to crack on with those emails and get on with that design work and basically fill the free morning I had given myself with more stuff!  But……I didn’t.  Instead, I put myself back to bed and told myself that even if I couldn’t switch my head off, at least I would be resting my body.  There’s a deposit into my Burn Bright Bank Account right there!  

And you know what?  I went back to bed for a couple of hours and I slept!  Actually slept!  My body and brain most certainly needed that rest.  When I woke up about 11am, did I feel the usual feelings of guilt, like ‘oh gosh I have just wasted a morning and I could have got so much done and I really should have gone to that networking event’?  No.  I felt proud that I was walking my talk and taking care of myself, just like I teach my clients on the Burn Bright Programme. So much so that, before heading straight to my office to crack on with all of the things that were calling my name, I put on my walking boots and my shades and went for a walk in the woods instead.

Photo by Michelle Spencer on Unsplash

I wanted to share this experience with you as I talk to you guys a lot about pressing the pause button and putting yourself as number one on your priority list because if you are not in good shape, nothing else is.  And I think it is really important that we learn the skill of pressing pause when we don’t need to but we want to.  Because I tell you what, this was a far bigger deposit for me yesterday because I chose to press pause deliberately rather than having the rest enforced upon me.  And what is more, when I got home and had lunch, I then went on to smash my afternoon and I got more done in 2 ½ hours than I thought was possible!  

I will finish with this point.  My wish is that you are reading this as a loving nudge to you guys to remember to press pause from time to time, even if you don’t need it right now because one day you might and you will wish you had pressed it sooner.

Have an awesome weekend.

It is time to Burn Bright, not out!

See you soon,

Donna xxx 

Photos by Ursula Kelly @

1 thought on “Walking my talk”

  1. This is brilliant! Good on you for listening to your intuition and being guided by it. Your idea of burning bright and not out HAS to come from you first! You have to live it to be able to deliver it as a guide. We cannot walk through the door if you aren’t prepared to do so as well. Thank you for living what you teach. Love you always xx


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