The path least trodden…..

This weekend just gone, I decided to take a walk before I got stuck into my to-do list.  As I was walking, I focused on being mindful of my senses – what could I see, hear, feel, smell and taste.  This might not seem like a big deal.  I mean, a lot of people go for walks regularly and pay attention to what is around them, so why was this walk such a big deal?

Well, for a start, it was meaningful to me because I had chosen to put my self-care at the top of my priority list.  Something that I regularly speak about and coach my clients on.  In order to Burn Bright (not out!) in our career, relationships, life, it is important to put our own health (physical, mental and emotional) first.  As the saying goes:

“We cannot serve others from an empty vessel.”

The second reason why this walk was such a big deal was because the first half of it had a lot of enclosed pathways, several of which I was a little uncertain whether I should walk down (shhh, don’t tell my dad!) but I did any way (definitely don’t tell my dad that!).  This was so poignant because it reminded me of how I have been feeling about my professional and personal journey lately.  Uncertain, slightly claustrophobic, dark and at times a little intimidated.  And yet, I chose to walk down them any way and I am so glad I did.  These uncomfortable pathways took me to a hidden oasis of woods, lush with new green leaves and alive with the sound of birds singing. It was so mesmerising I gave myself permission to press pause and take in my surroundings for a minute or two. Again, I found myself questioning – how often do I do that on my daily journey?

The final reason this walk really lifted me was this. I came to the edge of a field and there were two paths in front of me.  One very clear path with a gate at the end of it, no question about there being an exit out of the field taking me onto the next stage of my walk.  The other path however was not so well trodden. In fact, I had to double check that there was actually a path there, especially as I couldn’t see where it led or whether there was an exit at the end of it that would enable me to continue my walk.

On autopilot, I started to walk along the very clear path whilst looking at the other one, wondering, curious about where that one might go. And then……I decided to go for it! I decided to go for the path least trodden, even though I had no idea where it would take me, if anywhere?  It did in fact lead to an exit and out into a beautiful lush green field.  Such a huge contrast from the dark, claustrophobic and slightly intimidating paths I had just been on.

In our lives, in our careers, how often do we find ourselves with a choice of paths to take?  One maybe clearer than the other, one maybe a little dark and slightly uncomfortable, some we may not even know where they will lead us.  At the end of the day, the path we go down is our choice and if there is one thing my walk at the weekend taught me, it is that sometimes, taking the path least trodden leads you to unexpected destinations full of space, light and joy.

If you would like to explore the paths that you could discover on your Burn Bright journey, click here and book a free half an hour Discovery call with me.

Burn Bright Wishes!


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