That will do……or will it?

We all have a mobile phone, right?  And from time to time (most days in fact), they need charging up because their battery runs low.  Sometimes, we charge them over night whilst we are sleeping and sometimes we charge them on the go, often just topping them up enough to get us through the day.

It is this second approach that caught my attention recently.  I was delivering Workshop Two of my current Burn Bright Programme (for more details click here) a few weeks ago and I had forgot to charge my phone overnight.  So, I decided to put it on charge whilst I was in the Workshop.  Part way through, I checked the level of battery life which read 81%.  ‘Fab’, I thought, ‘that will do.’

Now, on the face of it, this is rather a mundane story to be telling you.  However, it occurred to me that this is often how we treat ourselves and our self-care. Often, when I spot the signs of needing to recharge myself i.e. my battery is running low, rather than allowing myself to get fully topped up regularly, I take an ad hoc ‘that will do’ approach. Grabbing an early night here or there, treating myself to the occasional soak in a nice hot bath.  Reserving what I would call my ‘full recharge’ until the next available holiday in the sunshine (which is often months away typically!)  Then, I wonder why I never feel fully energised and that I seem to be running on empty most of the time.

Why is it that we spend our weeks living for the weekend and our months living for that one- or two-week holiday that is coming up?  And, why is it that, even when we have had the weekend or the holiday, it is often the case that we come back marginally replenished before we head back into the busyness of day to day life only to start the next countdown until we can get away from it all again?

I think it is because we take the approach of ‘that will do’ when really, it won’t!  We tell ourselves we don’t have time for ourselves and that there are more important things we ‘should’ be doing.  Our self-care is very often at the bottom of our list of priorities if it is even on there at all!  

On my Burn Bright Programme, I introduce my clients to the concept of their Burn Bright Bank Account.  It is rather like a regular bank account with deposits and withdrawals but with self-care for currency rather than money.  The point of the Burn Bright Bank Account is to raise awareness of the deposits we make towards our health and self-care and the withdrawals we take away.  All too often, there are way more withdrawals than there are deposits and that is where the problem lies.

It appears to me that, if we settle for anything less than 100% when we recharge ourselves, we are not able to fully withstand the daily withdrawals from our Burn Bright Bank Account.  This then has a negative impact on our account balance and consequently, we end up in overdraft, more commonly known as burnout!

So, next time you plug your mobile phone in to recharge, pause and ask yourself – ‘when was the last time I allowed myself to be fully recharged?’

Burn Bright Wishes!

Donna x

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