How to get to where you want to go!

I recently had a road trip experience which inspired the thought of whether it is better to have a satnav or a road map and what is the difference?  Furthermore, it got me asking myself – is it the journey or the destination that counts?  

Let me set the scene for you.  I was going away for the weekend to a Health & Wellness Retreat in the Peak District and my preparation for the journey involved blindly plugging the postcode into my satnav and a very brief glance at the written directions provided by the venue.

To say I spent the whole of the journey feeling fretful and stressed because I wasn’t sure if I was taking the right direction is an understatement!  All I could think about was whether I could trust my satnav because the written directions had said something about the postcode sending you to the wrong place. Now, the written directions clearly told you where to go instead however that just added to the pressure as I was stressing about having to read whilst driving!!  I was not in a good state as you can imagine!

Then it occurred to me that, back in the day, before we had satnavs, we used road maps.  If I had a destination I wanted to get to, I would get the road map out and plot each stage of the journey, writing myself a little note of simple sign posts like – junction 24 M1, take A515, turn left at Red Lion Pub (why is there always a Red Lion pub on road trips?).  Really simple land marks or directions.  I remember that this resulted in me being able to actually enjoy the journeys I took.   Plus, each time I passed one of the landmarks or made one of the turns, I knew I was another step closer to my chosen destination and that I was on the right track. Such an incredible feeling!   

This got me thinking about coaching and how coaching not only lets you put the postcode of your goal into the satnav so you know the destination you want to get to, it does more than that. Coaching provides you with the road map for your journey towards your chosen destination, your goal!  Each coaching session is like one of the landmarks, one of the direction points, so you know every step along the way, you can check that you are on track and going in the direction you want to be going in. In fact, coaching can also signpost alternative routes and destinations that you may not even be aware of.  

Do you want to take a journey towards your desired goals, fully equipped with a satnav AND road map? Click here for a free half an hour Discovery Call and let’s talk!

Back to my recent experience, I have to say when I finally arrived at my destination after several wrongs turns (the satnav did indeed take me to the wrong place), a part of me was far too stressed and tense to even take in the spectacular sight of my surroundings. And I wonder whether that would have been different if I had done it the old-fashioned way? Mapping out my route with a little post it note of four or five key landmarks or key turnings so I wouldn’t be stressing the whole time and spending most of the journey looking at my satnav instead of the road and the stunning surrounding countryside!

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