HOW do you support your next generation of Senior Partners?

Your junior lawyers deserve an employer who demonstrates a commitment to their wellbeing and development by providing them with the tools and techniques required to THRIVE in their legal career and become the next generation of Senior Partners.

Your Law Firm can achieve this with a Wellbeing & Development Strategy that will change the baseline culture within your junior lawyers from Burnout to BURN BRIGHT.  

I have a proven process on how to achieve this for law firms who take the wellbeing and development of their junior lawyers as seriously as they take the law.

The Burn Bright Programme will help your junior lawyers reduce the high levels of stress and overwhelm getting in the way of them being able to ‘do the law’ you hired them to do. It creates an environment within your organisation to embed essential skills which will result in reduced presenteeism; lower staff turnover in the junior lawyer population of your law firm and increased morale creating a positive impact on wider workforce.

Nearly 80% of respondents to the Junior Lawyer’s Division Resilience and Wellbeing Survey 2019 said their firm could do more to support stress at work.

“…we cannot remove all sources of stress, nor will change happen overnight – but as a legal community we have a responsibility to try to do things differently.”

The Mindful Business Charter

The Burn Bright Programme will help your junior lawyers break down the entrenched mindset and belief that success means long hours, working harder and always being on call!

There is a Burn Bright Programme to suit all requirements, whether you have one junior lawyer or one hundred.

  • What would it mean for your Law Firm to have junior lawyers who are supported and equipped with the tools and techniques essential to THRIVE in their legal career?
  • What are the consequences to your Law Firm if things remain the same?

I would love to hear your responses. Let’s talk!