It’s time to BURN BRIGHT (not out!)

IMAGINE lifting that relentless feeling of overwhelm and feeling more confident and assertive in all areas of your life, not just your legal career…

PICTURE yourself having the work/life balance you have always dreamed of because you have the ability to manage your priorities so you consistently create more time for yourself, your wellbeing and your development.

I have a proven process on how to achieve this for junior lawyers who take their wellbeing and development as seriously as they take the law.

The Burn Bright Programme will help you to break down the entrenched mindset and belief that success as a lawyer means long hours, working hard and always being on!

There is a Burn Bright Programme to suit all requirements, whether you want to do it at your own pace, as part of a group of like-minded lawyers or with me alongside you every step of the way.

Hi, I’m Donna.

I know how challenging it is to be a junior lawyer. I was one!

I understand how hard it is to meet the increasing expectations and demands of clients, supervisors and senior partners, especially when you are doing it in isolation, doubting yourself and not knowing who to ask for help.

It is my mission to make BURN BRIGHT the norm in the Legal Profession! 

Brilliant course and very helpful. Felt like I…

… was being supported by my peers and also by Donna throughout, even when we were not in meetings. Meriel Summers, General Counsel

To have a coach who knows what it’s like to be a lawyer…

… and then a group of other local lawyers to talk to, was an eye opener. Not only did I feel supported by Donna, I felt supported by the whole group and that helped me feel less intimidated and more human amongst some of the egos I encounter in law on a daily basis! Julie Pegg, Solicitor

Thank you for being so encouraging and genuine…

… in what you do. Burn Bright should be a compulsory module of PSC for all trainee solicitors… Arcadius Gregory, Associate Solicitor