Meet Donna

MY MISSION is to make BURN BRIGHT the norm in the Legal Profession.

For the past 20+ years, I have been learning about and studying burnout and now I work with junior lawyers by supporting and coaching them on how to THRIVE in their legal career.

I made my dream of running my own successful coaching business a reality in 2017, launching Odonnata after qualifying as a Coach and NLP Practitioner with The Coaching Academy

The BURN BRIGHT PROGRAMME is based on my own experience of recovering from and avoiding burnout. I have created a proven process that moves individuals from feeling burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed to high performing, resilient and happy.

I describe myself as someone on her own wellbeing and development journey. I have burnt out, faced several career crossroads, struggled with perfectionism and that feeling of not being good enough. Basically, the types of challenges many junior lawyers face every day. Why is this relevant? Because I have faced all of these challenges (and still do) and yet I now get to do what I love to do every day and I burn bright (not out) and so can you!

I am the author of the upcoming Burn Bright Journal for Lawyers – daily practices to help you thrive in your legal career.

What my clients say…

“To have a coach who knows what it’s like to be a lawyer…

and then a group of other lawyers to talk to, was an eye opener. Not only did I feel supported by Donna, I felt supported by the whole group and that helped me feel less intimidated and more human amongst some of the egos I encounter in law on a daily basis!”

Julie Pegg


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