The Burn Bright Transformation Programme is for high achieving lawyers who want to move away from daily stress and overwhelm, towards being in control of their direction of travel in their legal career (and life!).

The Programme consists of everything that is included in the Growth Programme


  • A two-hour individual Burn Bright Blueprint session (via zoom) with Donna. This is where you start the process of getting crystal clear on what you DO want from your Legal career (and life too!)


  • A two-hour individual Burn Bright Values session (via zoom) with Donna. This is where you will deepen your understanding of your key values and how these align (or not, as the case may be!) with your legal career


  • A two-hour individual Action Planning session (via zoom) with Donna. This is where you will create the first of many 12 week action plans that will help you to sustain your Burn Bright approach to THRIVING in your legal career
    By the end of this Programme, you will fully understand how your preferences and personal tendencies show up in your daily behaviours and actions. You will have applied your understanding of the basic principles from the Activation Course to create and embedded your bespoke Wellbeing & Development Plan through consistent application supported by regular accountability check-ins.

In addition to all of the above, you will be part of a community of lawyers for the future within which your ability to thrive and Burn Bright will have become your norm!

Programme length: Three months


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